Tuesday, February 28, 2012

4th Tuesday Memory Special!

At Nognz Brain Fitness, 1517 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver


Now I'm supposed to tell you something.... Happy New Year?..... no that's not it ... oh yes, I got it!!

The first meeting of the 4th Tuesday club for 2012 (next Tuesday 24th Jan) is focusing on brain fitness.  A common complaint amongst those of us who are getting older is that we find it increasingly difficult to remember names, places and even todo items.  The Australians have it sorted, they call everyone "Mate" so they don't need to remember a single name!  But here in Canada it is such a great skill to have the name recalled the instant you see that person, together with a host of facts too, like their spouse, kids, business etc.

Andy Jones and his wife Penny ( both 4th Tuesday Club members) started Nognz a little over a year ago, with the idea that it is possible to train our brains much like we train our bodies.  In fact so much more are the benefits it's amazing that everyone is not doing some form of mind gym every day.

For this lunch come to their store, which will temporarily close over the lunch time period, and listen to Justin Davis, their own in house doctor of the brain, and hear how far our knowledge of the brain has developed in the last two years alone.  You will hear some startling facts but more importanly you will leave with an uncanny ability to remember whatever you put your mind to.  Easy peasy.  See http://www.nognz.com/

Space is limited so I will ask you to respond as soon as you get this note and I may need to cut off at 25 or so.


Lunch Meeting SUMMARY

When:          4TC Lunch meeting on Tuesday 24th January at noon until 2.00 pm

Who:            You and guests.

Where:        Nognz Brain Fitness
                     1517 Bellevue Avenue
                     West Vancouver (all the way down 15th and right on Bellevue and its right there)
Guests:          Always welcomed and cost is $25 to cover lunch.

PLEASE RSVP will be good to see you all.